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TV Room TV Room

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a very unique piece. The televisions look like they have life and are animated. The cords are unplugged, but they still have power! A bit of a supernatural/magical feeling from that, but that might just be me :) I think the entire background drawing is great too. You set the mood of the room and created an environment.

I also think these televisions are plotting and having a meeting, because who owns 4 televisions and puts them beside each other? They are up to something!!!

Excellent work, you should make this into a flash movie :)

XwaynecoltX responds:

Yeah I always liked this piece it always was something interesting kind of like something out of the twilight zone, I'm not all good at art but once in a blue moon ill come up with something decent, thank you for the review.


Checkerboard #3 Checkerboard #3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My fav. I have this one on my wall.

The checkerboard almost has that tunnel feeling to it, like you are heading towards are door and at the end of the door is light. The use of the dodge effect to make the white light is pretty neat. You have good lines and symmetry. Your use of colours are simple but make a statement, especially since the door connects with the colours of the board, but is still a bit different.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thank you for the review as a kid I would see these types of artwork in magizines and always wanted to make something similar.


2016¤1 2016¤1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Where is 2017? Do 2017!!!!!

I like the variations of text and the details in the word FLASH was awesome. I like the creative use of the eyes too.

Good job!

Cyberdevil responds:

This year's a different project. XD Gotta keep re-inventing! Thanks though, glad it was so appreciated it could've had a sequel!! Maybe it's not too late yet...

New Year: Rogue One New Year: Rogue One

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is just awesome. It reminds me of a scene from the movie where K-2S0 had the thing and he had to throw it, going boom. (trying to avoid spoilers, but I sound like a child.)

I love the colours here and details in the robot. The text fits nicely and the background doesn't take away from the main robot's celebration of New Years :D

My only critique is to make your sparklers or spark lines a bit smaller in places as those tend to differentiate in size.

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BumbleCorn responds:

Thanks a lot, I always feel sassy bot would be the perfect model for a new years themed celebration xD

Yeah, the reason for this is that I used a large brush size for the fireworks because I was in a hurry because I have to go somewhere to celebrate new years xD

Rose Rose

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is really well drawn. I love the details in the leaves, gives it a bit more of a realistic look. The colour of the rose is awesome. Gotta love red :D The way you made the pedals come out is pretty cool, I haven't seen many roses drawn that way for the pedals, so I found it very original.


XwaynecoltX responds:

Thank you for the review yes this rose was for a special lady that means the world to me,


the young maiden - REPAINT the young maiden - REPAINT

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this. The body position of the maiden is great. I love how long the arms and legs of the creepy fellow are. His eyes are my fav part though. The colouring is great and I love the story it tells.

P-cate responds:

Thank you so much AAAA ;_;!, I'm so glad you like it!