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My Lord

2018-02-09 00:40:31 by Quisty




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2018-02-09 13:25:58

Such a simple way to make such a somber scene out of separate footage from the different films...

Quisty responds:

Vader is the best !!!


2018-02-09 20:38:10

Excellent clip, but I bet he was really wondering if General Veers was still behind him...

Quisty responds:

LOL yes, he always got a bit too close there. As a kid, I often wondered if Veers was just really clingy and walked close to him.


2018-02-12 08:41:03

Always a great clip I watch this one a lot one of my faves especially since it gives off that feeling and his emotions of padme


Quisty responds:

Yes, I agree.