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The Last Jedi

2018-02-07 07:46:33 by Quisty

How do you feel about The Last Jedi?

It was okay....Just okay...I....yeah, just okay. said it best...

The Last Jedi is Act 2 of a story about letting go of the past and embracing the future. Maybe it was destined to be divisive.


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2018-02-07 08:50:50

of the entire series, it's definitely in my bottom 3 with attack of the clones and phantom menace. it had a few cool scenes, but overall it wasn't that good


2018-02-07 10:59:41

How was your theater experience, go w/ friends or by yourself?
Haven't seen it, maybe when it's being torrented and I have HD space, I'll pick up a copy.
It's a shame, but I still prefer older movies. There was more nuance portrayed back then, less politics and committee written scripts.


2018-02-09 08:28:04

Vox says it well!

I liked the first act, but the second feels a lot like the first but without anything particularly new added to it... just more of the old going away. More going in circles. More unnecesary sacrifice and heroism in the name of: drama. I feel they could have done better than this...