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Сherry Pie

2017-12-19 15:01:29 by Quisty

Spoilers in video


I love you Candie



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2017-12-19 17:02:32

what is up Quisty

did u return from the dead too

Quisty responds:

in 2016 I returned like a curse on the world :)


2017-12-19 19:27:45

I was graduating high school when the first run of Twin Peaks hit broadcast TV, watched damn near all of them. It was pretty, well acted... but at the time, couldn't make heads or tails of it. Is the new one any good? Should be a little better at tying sub-texts together, maybe

(Updated ) Quisty responds:

It is like the 90s show, but even more surreal. If you don't like David Lynch, you won't like the newer show. The 90s Twin Peaks show had a show-runner named Mark Frost who did a lot of story and sitcom/drama stuff for that time with Lynch. The 2017 Twin Peaks is more Lynch's style and Lynch's ideas (Mark Frost still writes too). There is less sitcom, more mystery, more surrealism, but it is entertaining. If you love Lynch's movie Eraserhead, you'll like the new Twin Peaks season. It draws from that type of surreal atmosphere. That is the best way I can describe it.


2017-12-19 22:17:51

Yeah I can handle Lynch's work, thanks for the description. A longtime friend of mine interviewed Cassevettes and Kevin Smith, but I'm not a big fan of their movies, especially the later ones (and the latter mentioned, I considered my rival when he was making Clerks and I was making Cannabis Happiness).

Last flick I saw in the theater was the new Mad Max, couldn't bring myself to like it: no Chinese ppl, terrible camera angles, and the script was internationalized. Did like the part about the seeds and water though, just hoping we never suffer an EMP bad enough...

Quisty responds:

Sounds like you will enjoy this then. Some episodes are not as great as others, but a lot will stick with you forever. Just new surreal images and sounds that make it unique and worthwhile.