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2017-12-12 08:33:26 by Quisty

Even though I've been ill (not saying you care) I have been sketching up some drawings.  Maybe once I am home I'll make them digital.  @Cyberdevil  recommended something that should help me turn my art digital with smoother lines.  My husband also gave me a 4k 27inch monitor as a get-well gift, so I'll really be able to work on the art with great detail once I'm home. At least I've got the laptop in hos bed with me.

Days go by and still I think of....


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2017-12-12 08:46:55

Think of....?

Looking forward to seeing some of that stuff when you make it, and hope you do get well! That 4k 27'' monitor sounds pretty impressive! 10'' more than I'm on right now. :) And definitely far from 4K...

Quisty responds:

I think of a friend that I am missing, but they don't miss me. The usual lol.

Thanks, 4k really will help me see those fuzzy lines you were talking about. I'll grab up Flash 8 soon once I am home and get these going.


2017-12-12 09:46:21

Ah, thinking of... that which is no longer there. Empty space. Deep symbolism!

Sounds good. :) Using Flash 8 on such high resolution... it almost doesn't seem worthy! XD Interesting to see how it goes.